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Gusta at 8 weeks of age.

All Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy raisers are required to:

• Be approved to raise by both a GDB approved leader and the current GDB Puppy Raising Advisor.

• Agree to abide by all instructions, guidelines, policies and procedures presented by Guide Dogs staff, supervisory volunteers, written documents and other means


• Undergo a home visit by a GDB approved leader (this includes all homes in which the puppy will reside).

• Use GDB approved training and management techniques when working with or caring for GDB puppies.

• Raise the puppy inside as a housedog.

• Provide a safe and securely fenced yard and/or a safe and secure confinement area for relieving the pup. The outside area must contain shelter from the elements and access to water.

• Provide a method to care for and relieve the puppy at least every 4-5 hours during the daytime until the puppy is six months old.

• Attend and participate in at least 80% of regularly scheduled club meetings and outings.

• Provide an environment free of dogs with a history of aggression.

• Provide direct supervision when the puppy is with other dogs.

• Leave the puppy in a safe, harm free environment (particularly not to leave the puppy alone for extended periods of time in a fenced yard).

• Provide appropriate food, grooming, flea/tick control and veterinary care.

• Securely fence swimming pools, spas and other bodies of water to prevent unsupervised access by the puppy.

• Keep all their pet cats and dogs current on their vaccinations and flea/tick control.

• Provide a safe setting for teaching the puppy to remain alone, unconfined in the home. We strongly recommend that raisers have a crate.

• Complete and submit monthly to their club leader, a GDB Puppy Raiser’s Monthly Report Guidelines for co-raisers and individuals with multiple dogs:

• The total number of dogs allowed in any GDB puppy raiser home will vary with each individual’s home situation. The leader must give approval for multiple dog households with final approval by the Puppy Raising Advisor.

• GDB puppies may not reside within a home containing another animal that GDB staff determines presents a hazard to the puppy’s safety or development or that the puppy may endanger.

• The maximum number of GDB puppies allowed in any one raiser or puppy sitting home is two.

• A GDB puppy and any other puppy being raised by the same household must be at least 8 months apart in age.

• A single individual may raise only one GDB puppy or other service dog at a time. The above list of requirements and guidelines is not comprehensive. Raisers and leaders are required to follow all instructions, guidelines, policies and procedures presented by Guide Dogs’ staff, supervisory volunteers, written documents and other means.



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