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First Prize at 2004 Redwood Empire Fair!

  Click below to enlarge Michael working on the fair booth
Completed fair booth   Meeting at the fair booth
Michael works assembling the Guide Dogs for the Blind information booth at the 2004 Redwood Empire Fair in Ukiah , California . The theme was Western and the booth focused on camping, an activity that a guide dog could help a blind person enjoy.

Michael created the life-size paper mache model of "Donna", a puppy he raised, and she sported a guide dog harness and sat patiently next to George, her life-size blind partner created by Michael's brother, Brian. Pathfinders members all contributed labor and materials to complete the booth. From the life-like fire created by Kris and his mom, Coleen, to the beautifully designed posters contributed by Phillip and his mom, Yvonne, the booth was a labor of love. Emma helped with construction and was also official puppy-sitter, while mom, Margaret, was always ready with a helping hand.

The booth was completed while members were busy coming and going with other fair activities. Laura and Michael showed sheep and Emma showed her rabbit. Kris was in the show ring with his cattle while his mom took over with the puppy. Yes, raising a guide dog puppy is a busy project done by busy people! Congratulations to all the members who helped make the fair a success! We also came home with $200 in prize money! A big thanks to all the supportive parents and members who helped in the background but I may have neglected to mention.

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